A unique personalized adventure for children 0-6!

Which Monster Are YOU?


the makers of the Ben Franklin Award-winning Sherlock and Me mystery

Why do kids LOVE this book?

  • The whimsical stories featuring adorable monsters as role models are so endearing, the book was nominated for this year's upcoming Parent's Choice Awards
  • The book empowers the child to make decisions about behaviors
  • They love the surprise of the monster's figuring out their name(s)

Why do parents LOVE this interactive experience?

  • In the moment, the stories and the language enable preschoolers to stop and think about behavior choices
  • Beyond the moment, this book helps extend behavior conversations with young children in a way that they can understand

Make it their own

  • The personalization is a wondrous surprise to the child
  • The child can appear in print as one of the adorable monsters ($5 additional option)