"I highly recommend it"

“My 5th grade son LOVED this book. It gives readers a choice within reading. As he made incorrect choices, he wasn't disappointed. Rather, he was very excited to continue figuring out what the right one would be from what he learned. This book has many ingredients to help get kids excited about reading and I recommend it highly.”

Rebecca Belleau, GR3 Teacher
Longley Elementary School Lewiston, ME

"They love reading about themselves"

“Students were very excited to experience Jeff Nathan's mystery book. They loved reading about themselves, especially as the hero, and the choose-your-own-path aspect got them interested in seeing what would happen...”

Kathleen Marchetti, GR5 Teacher
Witchcraft Heights Elementary School Salem, MA

"They LOVED it"

“I read the book to my class during story time today and they LOVED it! When reading about the monster that has tantrums and the monster that won't try new foods, a few of my students piped up and said, "I act like that monster." We talked about how even if we act like one of the monsters we can still decide to act like the other. It was really cool to see their responses and see how they connected their behavior with the story.”

Samantha Henley, St. Paul Lutheran School
Stover, MO

"Addresses such important issues"

“This book addresses such important issues in such an engaging way. Tomorrow my grandson turns 5 years old and I just can't wait to put him on my lap and read this together! The characters are so silly but the behaviors are spot-on and the illustrations are delightful! I can't wait to see both of my grandsons expressions when they see their faces! Thank you active literature!”

Lisa Crandall
Grandmother, Columbus, OH

"Nothing like this"

“Thank you for creating this book. To have Zachary so instantly interested was a shock to me! I loved hearing him laugh at parts, come running out to show me some parts, he is really interested! He took a break after chapter 6. This is surreal. It was always a fight to have him read for 10 minutes! He's got a bunch of Goosebumps books and he's ok with reading them, but nothing like this!”

Krista Devoe
Zachary's mother (Zachary is a 4th grader) Nova Scotia

"I’d recommend to any elementary teacher of reading"

“Reading research is clear that the most important factor in learning to read is reading real texts. Jeff Nathan’s “interactive, personalized, choose-your-own-path mystery” series offers a powerful invitation to engage reluctant and struggling readers in the act of reading. I’d recommend this to any elementary teacher of reading.”

Curt Dudley-Marling
Professor Emeritus Boston College

"Wonderfully positive way to help children"

“...A wonderfully positive way to help children by modeling behaviors and then giving the power of choices. This age group wants the power and with this book, they get the power...”

Jill Sparks,
South Main KinderCare Director